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Katie Adorno Reflects on Leanlab’s First 10 Years

“O Brave New World That Has Such People in it.”
—William Shakespeare

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The Rocky Relationship Between Data and Dignity

By Joel Backon
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During my 40-plus years of integrating technology into business and education, the biggest obstacles were not faulty products or excessive costs, but the objections of people. Those same people were also the heroes of education technology because some had the vision to see the bigger picture and the potential implications of new tools before anyone else. Early in my career, I found those objections particularly grating because they were what separated me and my technology from the world of successful, completed projects. It took moving to an elite boarding school as IT director to reframe and refocus what I now consider truly important when we introduce technology to people: setting up the balance between data and dignity, the idea that we must consider people and their agency when responsibly implementing and using technology.

AI Literacy:
The Newest 21st Century Competency
By Angelo Biasi
In a world where the only constant is change, education and workforce development must not only keep pace but anticipate and lead into the future with clear intent. This sentiment has never been more pertinent than now, as we stand at the cusp of a technological revolution spearheaded by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The integration of AI into our daily personal and professional lives is not a distant future – it is our present. This brings us to a critical juncture where AI Literacy emerges as the newest 21st Century Competency, joining the esteemed ranks of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity, or the 4C’s as they’re commonly known in academic circles.
Codesigning the Future of Education:
Reflecting on Leanlab Education’s First Decade
By Katie Boody Adorno

One morning, ten years ago, I was having heart palpitations in the parking lot outside my school. Exhaustion and anxiety had taken hold.

Why Investors
Have Reasons to
Return to EdTech
in 2024 and

By Colin Gillespie

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Embracing AI: Navigating Job
Evolution and Thriving in the
Future Workplace

By Kiran Kodithala and Lee Lambert

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Now Students Can Connect with Professionals to Test Drive a Career
By ET Magazine Staff Reports
A recent YouScience survey found 83 percent of today’s learners can’t connect the skills they have and learn in school to future employment. Discovery Education’s Career Connect represents a new model in education in which career awareness and exposure start as a first stitch in the fabric of learning. Career Connect is a digital platform designed to bridge the gap between aspiring professionals and representatives in different industries. The platform facilitates direct communication, allowing students to connect with industry experts and gain insights into diverse career opportunities.
Report: The Urgent Case for Systemic AI Literacy – Now
By Angelo Biasi

In January, 2024, I conducted a survey of high school students (the “students,” or “future workforce”) so I could learn more of what their self-aware level of AI proficiency is; how they feel about its potential impact on their future jobs/careers; if they felt they were prepared/preparing for a possible AI-infused workforce; and what was their level of readiness, or literacy, that existing resources (in/out of school) are currently providing, or not providing.

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