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These Guys Take Care of the Data so You Can Focus on Student Outcomes

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AI is a How, not a What:
Why EdTech Companies Need to Shift Their Thinking to Drive (Real) Change in K-12

By Doug Roberts
close view of the upper half of a woman's face, above her head shines a bright lightbulb, to the left of the lightbulb reads: NEW MINDSET and to the right reads: NEW RESULTS

Every industry is eager to get its hands on the “next big thing” in technology, and K-12 education is no different. I’m old enough to remember when our industry went all in on video playlists as the next big innovation in instruction. “It’s the Netflix of education!” the experts said. Well, our educators heard this and incorporated some of the ideas but remained focused on the “why” – student achievement – instead of the “how.”

Transformation Catalyst
, Featuring Ash
Kaluarachchi of StartEd

By Angelo Biasi

Transformation Catalyst Spotlight, Featuring Ash Kaluarachchi of StartEd
By Angelo Biasi
student looking at their laptop in their kitchen with a notebook and pencil beside them

As an entrepreneur, founder, investor, publisher, mentor, writer, and coach serving the EdTech community for over twenty years, I realize the value of individual stakeholders within the ecosystem as well as the sum of their collective contributions to advance and transform the space. For those who lay claim to a career in EdTech, the community is unique and exciting with a common privilege, passion, responsibility and purpose shared by all: To support learners and the workforce with innovative solutions that solve big enough problems.

Chris Rose and Zach Vander Veen

These Guys Take Care of the Data So You Can Focus on Student Outcomes

Inventing the Future:

Top Ed Tech Challenges for Today & Beyond

the Future:

Top Ed Tech Challenges for Today & Beyond

By Keith R. Krueger

For the past ten years, CoSN—the premier K-12 EdTech leadership professional association—has conducted a national survey of school district technology leaders to assess key challenges and trends. Where do we stand today according to EdTech leaders? How has this changed over the last decade? And how might the present inform our approach to the future of K-12 learning and the role that technology should play?

Headshot of CEO Jeremy Cowdrey

A Conversation with Jeremy Cowdrey, CEO Discovery Education

“Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.”
–William Arthur Ward

two men and a woman perform data calculations on large sheets of paper tape to a window wall

Looking Forward by Looking Backward

By Ann Flynn

There’s nothing better than a 50th high school reunion to inspire contemplation about how different education will be for students in another 50 years.
digital interconnected brain technology chip in center and other smaller digital technology chips surrounding on a circuit board

Eight Things Educators Need to Know About AI

By Glenn Kleiman

The new AI–generative artificial intelligence–has received enormous attention since Open AI made ChatGPT freely available in November 2022. ChatGPT provides a simple-to-use chat interface that makes its impressive AI capabilities accessible to everyone. Within days, millions of people were using it, growing to 100 million active users within two months. Microsoft (using GPT), Google, Anthropic, Hugging Face and other AI developers quickly released similar tools, so multiple generative AI language systems are now available, along with AI tools for generating images, videos, computer codedata visualizations, and more. Impressive examples of AI-generated materials quickly became available online.

caveman creating fire with two sticks

Learning, Education, and Technology in Deep Historical Perspective

Once upon a time, long, long, ago, growing children learned everything they would need to know as adults simply by watching others. Everything.

By Cornelius N. Grove, Ed.D.

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