Network of Expo Achievement Schools
– Horizon Room Open Mic Sessions
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The Horizon Room, hosted by the Learning Counsel, is a space for educators to come together to share challenges, solutions and innovations, or just bounce ideas off other like-minded professionals. Basically, it’s about everything on the immediate horizon for schools…hence the name.

Each session we will bring in all our research, industry experience, partnerships, and connections to help educators navigate what’s on the horizon and learn from each other.

Not a member of the Network of Expo Achievement Schools yet? No problem! The Horizon Room Open Mic Sessions are open to all educators. Of course, you get more out of a membership, but definitely join the Open Mic sessions and take advantage of collaboration with peers.

Managing Devolution and the Teacher Shortage
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Our educational systems are experiencing a staffing shortage on a potentially critical scale, leading to a devolution of systems. What are you doing to prepare? What structural shifts will you start TODAY to avoid what could be a catastrophic system failure?
In-The-Box Thinking
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We all work within a box. It houses all of the things we do, from opportunities to challenges. In times of change, some folks say what’s required is out-of-the-box thinking. We’d say what we need is creativity and inside-the-box thinking to remain relevant and increase efficacy.
Strategy vs. Tactical Programs in K12
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Our schools have been working diligently to address the changing needs of students and community and adding programs and resources to do it. Unfortunately, these are tactical fixes for a much more foundational problem that requires strategic planning and true systems thinking. How is your district or school addressing system overload and making strategic moves?
What are Hybrid Logistics and Hybrid Hyflex Models for Schools?
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Personalized and flexible learning environments are the goal, and the way to stem what is a historic level of student attrition. Some have been successful in approximating a personalized learning environment using existing systems and structures, but to truly break down the 150-year-old industrial model of schooling, something new is needed. Hybrid Logistics and HyFlex models break down outdated structures and put in place a way to create flexibility, personalize experiences, and maximize teacher efficiency.
K12 Visioning Disconnects
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What is your vision for learning in your district or school? Does it connect through strategy to tactic? Is it reflected in the actions taken and decisions made? Is it really a mission and not a vision? Is it really preparing your students for success and shifting community needs? Bring your strategy hat and ideas to this conversation about getting intimate with the line that connects all of the work in your district.
Master Schedule Flexibility to Attract and Retain Students
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Student attrition is on the rise and is not projected to ease up. Students are leaving districts at an alarming rate, meaning less funding for schools and knee-jerk responses from administrators that don’t really address the problem. The fix? Flexibility, personalization, and learner agency. What’s your plan to make room for voice and choice, and move away from artificial time and space constraints?
What is a K12 Process and Tech Model Architecture?
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For personalized and flexible learning that leverages technology resources to be successful, a robust and well-designed process and technology architecture model must be in place. Not only that, but an audit of hardware and software resources is necessary to be effective. Share your plan and learn from others!
K12 Digital Inventory Issues
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Take a look at the tech stack in virtually any district and you’ll see that we have inadvertently overloaded our educational systems. Schools transitioning to digital instructional materials and 1:1 device implementation can wind up with a huge number of resources available, but without auditing what’s being used and its efficacy in learning, it adds up to wasted time, money, and frustration. Some districts have figured this out and are willing to share!
Selective App and Process Retirement to Unburden K12 Administration
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Sure, you have a range of digital resources available. Yes, they’re vetted by teachers and curriculum specialists. They might even be deeply integrated into your LMS or learning design. What’s your process for cycling out old for new, replacing, or upgrading?